AWI Wisconsin Chapter Industry Membership Application

Definition per Article III, Section 3 of the AWI Bylaws: ” A Industry Member shall be a¬†business that does not qualify for Manufacturing Membership, that transacts business with architectural woodwork, i.e., specified by the design professionals including¬†all exposed wood, decorative laminate and other materials.”

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Membership in AWI Wisconsin Chapter as a manufacturer is $400.00 per year. The membership year begins on the first day of September and ends the last day of August. Memberships accepted during the AWIWI year will be prorated at a rate of $30.00 per month.

Application processing:

Upon submission of this online application you will receive an email from the AWI Membership Department. Your new membership materials will be shipped once application is approved and first year dues are paid in full. Applications on average take up to two weeks to process. Any falsified information provided by the applicant may result in the forfeiture of dues or fees paid and expulsion from membership in the Architectural Woodwork Institute, Wisconsin Chapter.

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